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seo tactics that really works

Top 20 SEO Tactics That Really Work

On the next pages you will find 20 SEO tactics for the 2020’s. As I said before, these are all proven SEO tactics. What does that mean “proven SEO tactics”? Well, exactly what it sounds like. They generate measured results in gaining extra organic traffic after they have been implemented.

These tactics are not proven by the SEO specialists you may encounter through numerous SEO blogs out there. They are proven by statistics I have found myself in hundreds of analytical data I scrutinized from websites I have worked with. Mind, I love many SEO blogs and I am sure that some of the SEO tactics I describe here you may also have encountered while searching the internet. That is not an issue for me, I just want to see with my own eyes if a tactic works or not. Call it stubbornness if you like.

With every SEO tactic that works I add an impact in 1 to 5 stars. 1 star means a minor impact, 5 stars a huge impact.

Talking about impact, what do I mean by that? There are absolute impacts, relative impacts, swiftness impacts and durability impacts. An absolute impact would be a rise in organic traffic by 1.000 visitors a month. A relative impact would be a rise of organic traffic with 20% and a swiftness impact would be the number of weeks or months it takes when the impact will kick in. The durability impact will say something about how long the impact of the SEO tactic will last, will it give a short spike in traffic and then fade away or will it gain momentum in time? To make things a bit more confusing, the impact of a specific SEO tactic also depends on the website, its already established online authority, the seniority of its domain, the technical condition of the website and SEO works already performed. How to calculate impact in such a multi-dimensional SEO environment?

What I did is taking score of SEO impacts of all sorts of tactics from all sorts of websites and ecommerce sites. The result was of course some kind of hotchpotch of impacts, minor ones, huge ones, high and low relative impacts, short and long durability impacts and so forth. That was one part of the job. The second part was adding all impacts of each different SEO tactic, small and large and calculating their average impacts. At the end this exercise provided me a thorough insight in the impact each SEO tactic had in driving extra organic traffic.

So what do you get from all this? In the next chapters you will get an overview of all SEO tactics I investigated during the last 5 years.

In the following pages you will learn the SEO tactics that really made an impact. I will also go into some well-known tactics that really did not work. I will showcase them in a rather random way. That is a conscious choice of mine. Otherwise you might think that the highest impact scores are the ones you would need to execute. But all these tactics with rather small impacts may just make the difference between a good and a great SEO result.

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