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Advanced Publishing & Marketing Strategies


Amazon ads are not easy to master. Nothing in indie publishing is. But neglecting to conquer them is a surefire way to see your sales slide and your chance to thrive slip through your fingers.

Why? Advanced Publishing & Marketing Strategies

Because even if you neglect them, others won’t. By others, I mean your competition.

Indie publishing is growing at a rapid rate. What was once an artistic outlet used by a small but budding group is now a full-blown business opportunity for millions to make a profit and a chance for thousands, even tens of thousands, to earn a fulltime living. All over the world, there’s a great mass of people working hard, learning the ropes and publishing with skill and knowledge.

Things are harder than they were. They’ll get harder still. Once, Amazon gave visibility in their store for free. Now, they charge for it.

It’s that simple. Amazon ads are not the only way to get visibility and sales, but they’re a good way. If you leave them alone, others won’t. They’ll learn their uses and master them. With that advantage, they’ll climb above you.

What it comes down to, one way or another, is that in order to sell you need to drive traffic to your books. If they don’t get seen, they don’t get bought.

Amazon ads drive traffic to your books. More than that, they drive customers to your books who are willing to pay full price. Newsletter promotions, Countdown Deals and BookBub ads don’t do that. Facebook ads can, but your competitors will be using them, too.

Eventually, you’ll want to master Facebook ads. But Amazon ads are easier to grasp, and they have advantages Facebook ads can’t offer.

This book will give you the knowledge you need to compete with the masses. More, it will give you the knowledge to outcompete them.

This isn’t a beginner’s book. If you’re looking for the basics of how to get started, there are plenty of free resources on the internet to show you. Not to mention books and courses.

So, what is this book then?

This is an all-in-one advanced guide to mastering Amazon ads by a fulltime author who makes his living from writing and advertising his books. It’ll reveal hard-won truths, and save you years of effort and wasted money.

I offered some advice in books one and two of the series. All the hard work in the world isn’t enough. That labor must be guided by correct knowledge, or the effort is lost.

That advice holds true for this book. When you finish, tell me if you think I’ve given you that knowledge.

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